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For a break of pure wellbeing

Aura Relais has two areas for relaxing.

One comprises of sky and earth, hills, fields and woods.
The other is 75 sq,metres, with a Turkish Bath, Sauna, Emotional Shower, Hydro massage, Salt Wall and a massage area for personalised treatments.

This is a very powerful gift which only Mother Nature can offer.
The other assures relaxation with methods, technology and the knowledge of competent personnel working with us.


A welcome in the relaxation area perfumed with pine

The first thing to welcome you in the relaxation area of Aura Relais is the intense perfume of Pine Wood.
This wood comes from the Cimbro Pine, a highly sought after wood which grows in the Dolomites and can reach a height of 25metres.

Benefits from the Cirmolo Pine have been known since ancient times. This wood has in fact an important antibacterial characteristic and has the capacity to lower cardiac frequency, increase the quality of sleep, help to recuperate quickly energy and in general give a sense of wellbeing.