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Infinity Pool

Infinity pool


Infinity Pool is the exact way to describe the 16 metre cantilevered pool at Aura Relais.

“Infinity” because in it you are surrounded by water but feel as though you are also suspended in air with the sensation that you can reach out and touch the horizon.  The sky is reflected in the water and the hills overlook everything, you will feel as one with the landscape.

This extraordinary pool is paved externally in wood which is beautiful in the summer and magnificent in the winter.
Thanks to a warm water system fuelled by Biomass, you can enjoy wonderful moments in the pool even in sub zero temperatures.


A Salt Water Infinity Pool: Chosen for the Environment and your wellbeing

Our Infinity pool, apart from it being beautiful is also eco-friendly.

Infact it is a salt water pool, and uses salt which disinfects instead of using Chlorine (known for its antibacterial properties) as well as a substance which is harmful to the environment and also to people who are particularly sensitive to it.

Using the Disinfecting Properties of salt is a regulated and continuous process which guarantees constant and flawless hygiene and has a sustainable impact both on humans and the environment.

Using salt instead of chlorine is much more beneficial for your well-being.  The low concentration of salt in the water avoids the irritation of burning eyes and guarantees the benefits of a salt bath such the elimination of excess liquid and a light exfoliation which leaves the skin smooth and velvety.

In all, bathing in the Infinity Pool at Aura Relais is a full immersion in well-being given the direct and regenerating contact with the natural surroundings.


piscina ad acqua salata