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The History

The History of Aura Relais

Aura Relais has a past in antiquity beginning even before the glorious Dukedom of Urbino.

The original and noteworthy building, known as Ca’Palmiere was dated at 1299, and its presence during that epoch was documented during that time by the payment of the ‘decima’ to the nearby Parish of San Giovanni in Pozzuola.

Its origins consisted of a small group of farm house which during the renovation phase maintained the area of 750 sq. Metres with the same external coating and following the same rural style.


Aura Relais. A heartfelt Choice

‘We immediately fell in love with this place so much we didn’t want to keep it just for ourselves, but felt the need to share with others the amazement we feel every day when we are up here at632 metres above seal level, and we take in the panorama which is spell binding and takes you away from chaos, noise and the stress of every day living.
Nature dominates here and dictates time and rythem. We haven’t created any obstacle or fencing which would obscure the view, the open spaces are free just as they should be.

Ours is an authentic love story for this place which we cannot wait for you to get to know in all its beauty’.

Giorgia and Francesco