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Our mission

Our eco-friendly mission

The road which leads to Aura Relais is rather like a watershed between the routine of ordinary life and a place which seems suspended in time and space, where rhythms are not imbued with frenetic human activity but with a measured cadence which only nature knows how to orchestrate.

As you travel the road which takes you up to 632 metres above sea level, you will be aware that metre by metre you are leaving behind that everyday stress to be welcomed by such a sense of wellbeing which stimulates all your senses.

This place is dominated by Mother Nature and we as her guests must respect her.

Respect for nature has become our mission which we strive to upkeep every day making choices which embrace sustainability, eco friendliness and the environment.


Utilizing the wood from the storm named Vaia
Utilizing the wood from the storm named Vaia
Furniture is made with wood which was salvaged after the storm Vaia
Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction
Natural materials and green technology
Natural Products
Natural Products
Natural materials and products in the entire structure
Craftsmen suppliers
Craftsmen suppliers
High quality craftsmanship for a high quality stay
Attention to reusing and recycling
Attention to reusing and recycling
Here at Aura we don’t waste anything. Every resource is extremely precious
Respect for nature
Respect for nature
Nature reigns supreme in these parts

The building and eco friendly choices

The first steps we took in this direction were with the building project.
Maintaining the perimeters of the very old farmhouse and salvaging and reusing as much material as possible, relais blends seamlessly in the landscape thanks to the natural materials chosen for the renovation

The technology used is also eco friendly and also energy efficient.

>The use of natural stone and wood
>Underfloor heating in the entire building fuelled by a biomass (thanks to  wood chips made from wood wastage.
>All electric cables are underground so they don’t spoil the landscape.
>The lighting system is low consumption LED lighting
>Thermal and Acoustic insulation
>Use of spring water and a rain water saving plant 
>Water treatment system to provide drinking water
>Electric charging systems

The green approach is not only manifest in the structure of the building but also in the small details and choices of everyday life.

Every risorse is used sparingly with an eye to reuse, recycling and the correct disposal of waste.
Each choice is dictated by the wish to create a synergy and wellbeing of the person with that of the environment.
Every proposed activity is aimed at the very pleasing discovery of the area, giving value to all the beauty which nature puts at our disposition.